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Please note! Visitor pass grants access to exhibition only; delegate pass grants access to exhibition, conference and event dinner. For more details, please see 'Participation Options.
Choose this if you'd like to book a Static Display Only package. For exhibitor packages, please contact Julia Guy or Carl Piercy. Otherwise move to the next field. More information on available packages can be found under 'Participation Options'.
Please see 'Participation Options' for more details. If you received a code, please choose 'Other'.
Will you have use of a hire car?

Event Dinner

The dinner will be held on Wednesday 2nd August
All attendees (except for Visitors) are invited to the Event Dinner. Numbers are strictly limited, so please let us know if you will be attending so that we can include you on the guest list.
Please let us know if you require transport to the Royal Flying Doctor Service
Please let us know if you require transport back to the Quest Hotel (via Cattleman's)

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