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Delivering Knowledge Through Live Demonstrations 

Tangent Link in cooperation with the Estonian Ministry of Defence, and the Estonian Defence Forces is delighted to invite you to EWLive: Prevailing in the EME. This is the 5th edition of EWLive, which has expanded to encompass key elements of the EME (Electro-Magnetic Environment). This has become a 'must attend' event for Defence and Security industry stakeholders to gain knowledge through a live demonstration setting. 

Electro-Magnetic Environment 

*Source: Air Power Asia 



EWLive is an excellent opportunity for companies to demonstrate and deliver a visual reference to enhance the quality of their technology presentation. The live approach gives military end users from over 30 nations a hands on experience, not a simple sales pitch at a trade show, to help them understand the technology available and how it can address their capability requirements.


The Platform

EWLive demonstrations take place at a secure facility, Ülenurme Airport, Tartu, Estonia. NATO and NATO friendly countries who have significant future requirements to improve their EW/EME/CEMA capability, will be invited to attend these demonstrations. Each military delegation will be matched according to subject matter expertise, with a commercial demonstration to ensure the maximum learning outcomes are achieved during each live session. 



Demonstrate your EME capablities in a field or classroom environment, in these technologies. 


EMSO: SIGINT/COMINT/ELINT/cyber/Cognitive: The traditional core of the EWL event, are live demonstrations and classrooms showcasing key capabilites, supported by exhibition opportunities.

EW Training: After decades of budget neglect, a new generation of officers and practitioner are entering the EME. Next-gen training capabilities, including cyber-EW, Cognitive and quantum technologies, are now a core requirement for militaries. 

CUAS: In addition to live CUAS demonstrations, classroom and exhibition opportunities are available for SHORAD capabilities.

C2/Situational awareness/ISR: Information overload is now a key operational challenge. Aggregation and analytical capabilities are now central to command of the EME. 

sUAS/UAS: The proliferation of low cost, highly capable sUAS/UAS platforms and payloads have been transformational on the battlefield. Live demos, classrooms and exhibition opportunities are available. 

Land system effects: Cyber-EW, network/sensors and anti-vehicle capabilities can be showcased in classrooms or exhibited. 

Space-based EW/SA capabilities: Whilst many space-based capabilities remain in the 'classified' realm, a significant increase in civil-military technologies, and situational awareness effects has broadened the scope of the mission. Book a classroom/or exhibit. 



Start: 17 September 2024
End: 19 September 2024
Tangent Link Limited

Ülenurme Airport (TAY), Tartu County, Estonia

Lennu 44
61715 Tartu maakond


Estonian Ministry of Defence

Estonian Defence Forces

Estonian Defence and Aerospace Industry Association

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